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eat is so excited, honored and proud to offer its cuisine to the community. Our menu is seasonal and pretty constant, with a subtle change from month to month. We like to keep it all fresh...the ingredients,  the ideas and the offerings. Our latest and greatest will always be posted here. 


eat is southern food, elevated just a bit. eat is southern Louisiana food too...sometimes very straightforward, sometimes fusioned. eat is family recipes Chef Mo and Jackson use as muses and make their own. eat is sometimes an idea with good intention, then a blunder that turns into a lil masterpiece (eg. our b.l.a.t.e., the grown up grilled cheese and our crispy grit bites). eat is just really fun and good food that is a joy to see

Note: Depending on your device, you may have to click on the menu to see both pages.  Also, our menu is printable.

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